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August Armstrong is available for psychic readings and mediumship sessions both in person and on the telephone.
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August Armstrong

August Armstrong is accepting new students for her extensive Intuitive/Spiritual Development Program at The Free Spirit Center in Virginia Beach, VA. Call if interested, 757-333-3171. More details are here.

No matter what your previous level of experience, in these Intuitive Spiritual Development classes with August, you will go much deeper than a weekend conference. Broader in content than conventional psychic training or healing classes, this program will help you discover more of your Self than ever before.

These classes open avenues of learning that range from intuitive readings, past life readings, energy healing, connecting with spirit guides, channeling and mediumship, and beyond. Doors into a whole new world will open for you.

The intensive workshops are kept small for personal attention and individual instruction. You will receive one-on-one training within these classes. There are twelve levels of in-depth spiritual studies using the ancient oral tradition of information passed from the teacher to student. Over time, the students find that they have expanded not just their intuition, but their sense of themselves.


Psychic Readings
Psychic Readings

Metaphysician Grads
Metaphysicians Celebrate

Using intuition and spiritual guidance becomes part of their daily lives, no matter what their age, occupation, or experiences with classes they may have taken in the past.

Most students begin or expand their spiritual practices to include meditation, chanting or drumming, journeying, connecting to guidance in one way or another. Over the course of the 12 levels of classes, the seeker becomes the neophyte, the journeyman, and the adept with continued practice.

Classes are fun, inspired, inspiring, deep, challenging and growthful. In a supportive environment you can explore and expand, release your fears, connect with loved ones no longer in body, and find deeper wisdom.

As students open themselves to themselves, they open to receive each other more deeply. A bond is formed among class mates that lasts through the challenges and celebrations they share. Click here for more information.


Classes will be held at The Free Spirit Center in Virginia Beach, VA. Registration Information is available here. Contact August for more information at 757-333-3171.


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If you are interested in pursuing classes in intuitive/psychic and spiritual development, please contact August to discuss your interest. Payment plans are available. See registration details here.

Classes are held at the Free Spirit Center and other nearby locations in Virginia Beach, VA

Spiritual Development classes with August Armstrong. Call 757-333-3171
or email
PO Box 629 Virginia Beach, Va. 23451

Studies include but are not limited to:

• Psychic Development

• Meditation

• Astral Travel

• Channeling

• Mediumship Training

• Ancient Healing Techniques

• Communication with Spirit Guides

• I Ching Instruction

• And More

For more information,

Go to the Details Page or

Call August at 757-333-3171

Private Sessions


Psychic readings, and mediumship sessions are also available from August, in person or over the telephone.

Friendly Folks

“This class changed my life! When I first heard about this class, I was perplexed --I didn’t think this could be taught.  But after sending a few friends for readings and then having a couple myself, I signed up.  Because of the classes with August, I am now able to sense, photograph, and communicate with those now in spirit. The more you open up, the more that can come through!” – Mary C.

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